Medicare Coverage in 2019

If you were to sign up for a Medicare plan today, what would it cover for you? Would it be enough, or would you need more coverage? We are going to look at the various Medicare plans and how they cover you so that you can know the answer to the questions of what does Medicare cover in 2019. That way, you will be equipped to make an informed decision about your medical coverage and you will be able to choose a plan that saves you money and meets your healthcare needs.

Basic Medicare

There are a few different Medicare plans, and they don’t all cover you the same way. In fact, the reason there are multiple plans is because people have different needs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan that Medicare has crafted that will be a good fit for you no matter what your situation is. You have to carefully choose between several options to find the plan that is a good fit for your individual situation.


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You can’t just go by what is popular and what your friends are choosing to get the right plan for you. There has to be a conscious choice you make that picks one plan from the others because it is more suited to where you are, financially and medically speaking.

The basic Medicare plan is known as Original Medicare, and it provides some far-reaching coverage that is suitable for most seniors. That doesn’t mean it is the right plan for you, but let’s look at it anyway. You can’t decide if a plan is right for you or not until you know what it is offering and then compare it to what you need.

Original Medicare covers both outpatient and inpatient services. In other words, it covers you for hospital and doctor’s office expenses that relate to short term visits and to longer stays. Your hospital expense should be mostly covered under this plan, including your room costs, your x-rays, preventative medicine, surgeries, treatments and more.

You can also be covered for service outside the hospital or doctor’s office, such as ambulatory care, including the ride itself and the life-saving services you receive within the ambulance. You can be covered as well for nursing facility care and hospice care. Even mental health services are covered under this robust plan. If you want to get a second opinion from a doctor about medical treatment, then you may have that covered as well with Original Medicare.

All that coverage adds up to craft what is considered just about the best medical coverage plan on the market today. It’s also a great deal for most people, especially those who have worked for a long time, since they may be able to get part of the plan for free.

Original Medicare is not the only Medicare plan we want to discuss, though. There are a few others, and they are worth noting for how they provide different kinds of coverage that may benefit you. If you are wanting to know what does Medicare cover, then you’ll want to know about these plans as well.

Part C and Its Coverage for 2019

medicare coverage 2019If you sign up for Medicare Part C, then you can enjoy coverage for all sorts of medical expenses. It starts with coverage for all of Original Medicare, which is everything we just listed above, and then it adds on coverage for emergency medical services and urgently needed medical care. That’s just the basic Part C plan, though. There are private insurance companies selling this plan that add some coverage not in that standard set of items.

They may add Part D (for prescription drugs) and coverage for a lot of the checkups you go to, such as checkups for hearing or for vision. They may even cover your prescription eyeglasses or your hearing aid.

That’s Part C in a nutshell, and it can vary from one insurance company to another in coverage and pricing, but the basic, standard coverage it comes with always stays the same.

Part D and Its Coverage

For Part D, you get covered for a lot of prescription drug expenses. What drugs are covered will vary from one plan to the next. There isn’t a standard Part D plan, as some of them cover some drugs fully while others cover those same drugs partially. You’ll have to sort through what’s out there to find a suitable Part D plan for you. We recommend that most people sign up for Part D, if they get prescription drugs. It’s a very useful plan that can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars of drug costs each year. Just take sure that your drugs you need to buy are on that list before you sign up. Don’t assume that you will be covered for them in part or in full before taking a good look at the plan.

Do You Need the Coverage?

You may have taken a look at these plans we mentioned and decided that one or more of them are for you. They may cover you just where you need to be covered, and once you look the prices, you may want to sign up for them right away. We urge you to take your time, though, and look through what your options are before you sign up for any medical insurance plan. You can be locked into the plans for a full year once you sign up, and that’s not something you want to take lightly. You also need to consider that your needs for medical care and insurance may change over time, and you want to be prepared for those changes. A consultation with your doctor can help you figure out what to be prepared for in the coming year or years.

You may or may not need Medicare, but you should understand what it offers, and we hope this cleared up any confusion about what does Medicare cover for 2019. It offers a lot of coverage, for sure, and you want to be certain that you get the right kind of coverage. You may want to consult with your insurance agent about your options and what would be best for you before you jump on any of these plans.


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