Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

The coverage provided by supplemental insurance is great at filling in coverage gaps left by Original Medicare, if you have that Original Medicare plan, but if you aren’t being covered like you think you need to be, then you should consider some supplemental plans. We are going to show you what the Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 are offering and you can decide later if they will be right for you. They are not your only option, so if you don’t like what they have to offer, then please consider your other choices before dismissing Medicare Supplement plans.

The supplement plans are intended to go hand in hand with Original Medicare, so if you have not signed up for that basic plan yet, then you probably need to do so and find out how it covers you before you sign up for one of the Supplement plans. Once you sign up for that basic Medicare plan, you may see that you don’t need supplemental coverage. Or you may feel very strongly that you could benefit from Medicare Supplements after you see how much you have left to pay on your own. You have to start with that basic plan, though.


medicare supplement plans 2019


What Supplemental Coverage Does

Supplemental coverage from Medicare is not sold by Medicare. It’s sold through private insurance providers such as Aetna. However, Aetna doesn’t get to decide what your supplemental plan will cover for you. They only decide how much the plan costs and which of the 10 plans they want to offer. They can sell a few of them, if they like, but you can only ever sign up for one at a time. They overlap too much for you to benefit from more than one plan at once.

Let’s look specifically at what Supplement plans cover for you now. This coverage should remain the same all through 2019, as Medicare has given no indication that it is going to change anytime soon. When changes are becoming down the line, then they should be reported by Medicare at least a few months in advance to give everyone time to readjust their coverage setups.

Supplemental coverage takes care of some very specific medical expenses. It is not meant to function on its own or provide coverage for people who are not already covered by Original Medicare. It is actually designed to target specific expenses that Original Medicare leaves you to pay on your own. Let’s look at what those are.

Aetna Supplement plans cover you for copayments on Medicare Part A and Part B, coinsurance on skilled nursing care and hospice care, coinsurance for in-hospital expenses, deductibles for Medicare Part S and Part B, excess charges on Part B of Medicare, blood usage throughout the year and emergency medical transport in countries outside the US.

That all adds up to quite a bit of coverage, and you may not need it all. We’ll discuss a little later what kind of coverage you should be getting and how to tell whether you need certain expenses to be covered or not.

What Aetna Offers You

Aetna Medicare Supplement 2019Aetna sells a lot of different kinds of insurance. It’s not just medical insurance or just Medicare Supplements. So, if you sign up for one of their Supplement plans, then you may be able to get discounts or member benefits that stretch to other types of insurance. This company is growing and growing and has done very well for itself over the years, so it brings a lot of stability and a good reputation to the table. That makes it an attractive choice for many seniors who want an insurance provider that won’t flake on them when they need the coverage and who will be there for them for the rest of their lives.

Aetna Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 can be quite diverse. Aetna doesn’t offer all 10 plans, and no insurance company does, but it does offer a few of the more popular ones. These are the plans that most people tend to sign up for because they tend to be some of the most value packed ones or the best fits for most people.

Aetna is a good choice for a lot of seniors, due to their competitive pricing and wide selection of insurance services. There may be other, better choices out there, though, and we encourage seniors to not just consider Aetna for their insurance provider but also look at some of the other insurance companies offering the same or similar plans. If Aetna doesn’t have the plan that you are looking for specifically, then you should not settle by choosing them. Instead, look for a company that is offering the plan you want, because it is very important that you get the right kind of coverage for your medical expenses.


medicare supplement plans 2019


Aetna is not offering plans that no one else carries, nor are they able to change the plans in any way. They can charge what prices they like, though, and they can decide whether they want to carry some of the plans or not. These are factors that should influence your decision to either go with Aetna as your provider or someone else. For many seniors, selection and price are more important than customer service and member benefits, because of how those factors affect their bottom line and their healthcare experience. You’ll have to figure out what is most important to you when it comes to medical insurance.

What Plan to Choose

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which of the 10 Supplement plans to pick or which of the few Aetna Supplement plans will be good options for you. We can only say that it is wise to look at your own needs before you look at these Supplement plans.

No one knows your needs better than you do, and no one can pick a coverage plan better than you can do so for yourself. Think about what your needs are and how a medical insurance plan can best meet those needs. Then see if you can find a plan like that among the Supplemental offerings Aetna has.

You should keep in mind that your needs may be different in a year or two. What you don’t have to worry about covering right now may be an essential part of an insurance plan for you in the near future. Remember to update your coverage wh en necessary.

You should also consider the cost of the plan you are going with. It doesn’t make sense to opt for a high coverage plan from Aetna, if it costs more than you can comfortably afford to pay. Remember that you will be locked into a contract with Aetna or whatever insurance company you choose once you agree to a Supplement plan. That means that you can’t really change the plan until the contract is up. So, you want to be sure you can make those monthly payments (called premiums) on the plans before you choose one. If you can’t, then you will just have to go with a lower coverage plan or just have to choose a new insurance provider who charges less for the plan you want.

If you take the time and the effort to choose the right plan, then it will pay off for you in the future. You can save upwards of a thousand dollars a year just by choosing the right provider and the right Supplement Plan. You may find some Aetna Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 that you like and that seem to fit you well. Just make sure you choose the best plan out of what’s available before agreeing to any medical insurance. That way you can rest easy knowing that you are saving as much money as possible while being covered like you need to be.

medicare supplement plans 2019