AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

The insurance coverage provided by AARP for Medicare subscribers is substantial. AARP, known for offering a wide range of senior care services, provides some great Medicare Supplement plans. These AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 are put out through United Healthcare and are diverse enough that most people are able to find a plan that suits them well.

These plans all offer something different, and no two plans are alike. The coverage does not change, unless Medicare wants it to, at which point Medicare will alert its subscribers ahead of changing the plans and third coverage. You don’t have to worry about plans changing without prior notice, though. You can start researching 2019 plans right now and find out what is available and what would work well for you before you actually need the plans.


medicare supplement plans 2019


Why Choose AARP in 2019?

You may be able to find a better selection elsewhere or better prices, but AARP Supplement plans in 2019 are a good choice for most people. AARP doesn’t offer all the Supplement plans that are available. No insurance company does, after all. But it will offer a diverse selection that should have something that appeals to you and that fits your needs fairly well.

The AARP plans for 2019 could be different from what they offered in 2018. They do update their list from time to time, and Medicare allows them to change up what they are offering. They can only offer Medicare-approved and Medicare-designed Supplement plans, but they can choose from the available list the ones they want to offer. They don’t have to offer the entire 10 plans to their customers.

The cost of AARP can be a little higher than some of the other provider’s plans, but that’s because a membership with AARP unlocks a host of benefits. This senior care provider offers a lot to its members. Beyond a great reputation for customer service, they also have a lot of services that can benefit seniors. The member benefits alone often make the cost of AARP plans worth it, for many people.

AARP is also a very strong and stable company, so there is little risk that your insurance plan with them will become invalid in time or that you will need to switch providers because they suddenly started charging more for their plans. You can lock in the price of the plan for as long as your plan’s term is. If you sign up for a year, for instance, then your rates should be the same all year long. You can sign up for longer than that, in most cases, if you think you will benefit from the same coverage for longer than a year.

What Supplement Plans Cover

With supplemental coverage, you don’t fit the same kind of medical coverage as you would with other Medicare plans and other medical insurance plans. Medicare Supplement plans, even those sold by AARP, have been designed to work alongside the regular Medicare plans. Those Original Medicare coverage plans take care of many of the most basic and common expenses, but they leave some things for you to pay. For instance, you still have to pay deductibles and copayments on that original plan and its separate parts. Those costs add up, and you may want to have them covered by another insurance plan.

That’s where the Supplement plans come in. They cover you for expenses not covered by the other plans. There are some plans, however, that do overlap with them, such as Advantage plans. These are not compatible with one another, and you can’t have both a Supplement plans and an Advantage plan at the same time.

Let’s look now and the kind of coverage you could enjoy from AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2019. We mentioned already that they cover you for copayments and deductibles. That actually makes up several different items of coverage.

There are deductibles for both Medicare Part A and Part B. There are copayments for both of those parts as well. Copayments or coinsurance are offered for nursing care and for hospice care too. These are all fairly common medical expenses for seniors, and a lot of plans offer some or most of these items of coverage.

You can also receive coverage for emergency medical transport in foreign countries and for blood usage, as well as for excess charges for Medicare Part B. Some of these may not be common expenses, but it can be reassuring and useful to have these items of coverage.

These items cover everything that a Medicare Supplement plan could provide for you, but not all the plans will offer full coverage. Only one does, in fact, and that’s Plan F. This plan will take care of every time we just listed, but we can’t recommend it to most people. It’s better to go with Plan G or Plan N, in most cases, since they often cost much less but cover some similar sets of items.

Finding the Best Coverage

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2019That brings us to how you can get the right overage for your needs. You should know that there will never be a plan that is meant to fit everyone’s needs and to serve as a blanket plan that’s best for everyone. That’s because people have different needs. They have different financial situations, and the plan that works perfectly for one person may be a bad choice for someone else.

Plan G may be a great value for one person, but for someone else it can be too expense and it can cover things they don’t need to have covered, since they don’t apply to them and their medical needs. You have to look at what your medical needs are and what you are paying for out-of-pocket medical costs. That should be the base from which you determine how much coverage you should be getting.

The coverage plans available may not fit you perfectly. There may not be one of them that you can point to and say that it is the ideal plan for your needs. But you should be able to find something that’s a close approximation to what you are looking for. It’s okay to end up with a little extra coverage, as that can give you peace of mind and protect you in case of an emergency.


We suggest you take as much time as you can to look over these plans and make sure that you are getting something that is a good fit for you. You may not know exactly what you need to cover, but once you talk to an insurance agent or consult with your doctor about your healthcare needs, you should have a better idea of what you need to cover and which plan will provide that coverage for you.

There are ten plans to pick from, and it can seem confusing and even overwhelming to have to go through all of what they have to offer. We suggest just skimming a few of the plans and seeing if some of them look like they may work for you. Find a few of them that look promising and focus your efforts on them.

AARP has a few differ plans to choose from, and you may be able to find one among their offerings that’s a good fit for you and your situation. If that is the case, then you are set, and you can sign up for them, once you are happy with the price. If not, then look into other insurance companies and what they are offering. You may find better options with someone else. Don’t feel obligated to go with AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2019, as they are not your only choice. Just be sure to sign up before the end of 2018 in order for the 2019 plan to go in effect for you at the beginning of the year.


medicare supplement plans 2019